Keynote Speaking

To describe Sylvia Friedman’s presence as “lightning in a bottle” is an understatement. A dynamic and highly sought-after presenter, Sylvia has been educating and motivating audiences for over 25 years. Whether it’s a workshop for 10 or keynote for 10,000, Sylvia makes a genuine connection with each person in the room, which is why corporations, universities and clubs request her services year after year.

Well-versed in the issues facing organizations today, she tailors each presentation to the needs of her clients, while never losing sight of the individuals within. And the moment that Sylvia takes the stage, the process of personal TRUTH Discovery and Journey for each audience member has begun.

Infused with the humor, generosity and courage that come from living a truthful life, Sylvia’s presence inspires others to do the same.

For General Audiences

  • The TRUTH in You
  • When Passion Becomes Passive, Then … Pffft.
  • De-Stress for Success
  • Letting Go of the Inner Critic
  • Leadership Is Within Us All

For Women

  • If You Believe, You Become
  • How to Combine Natural Strength With Compassion
  • What Every Woman Should Know About Love
  • Courage Is a Risk
  • The Healing Power of Laughter

For College Students

  • Who’s in Charge of Your Life? I Am!
  • The Only Security Is Courage
  • The Reality of Your Dreams
  • I Can Do That, and if I Can’t, I’ll Learn
  • Successful Self-Awareness