Hours of Experience


Loving myself!

“Ms. Friedman is outstanding in her relationship with people. Her perceptiveness and response is unique. She is definitely one of the privileged few who is blessed with the rare gift of motivating individuals to heights they never thought possible. Our clients certainly voiced their whole-hearted approval when we made the wise choice of selecting her.”

“There is no perfection. My faults and imperfections are okay. I’m still a worthwhile human being, because you are who you are and that’s ok. Great Workshop!”

“Sylvia mesmerizes the students with her ability to get to the heart of any situation. She helps the students find self-identity and gives them empowering tools to make a difference to themselves and their peers. Sylvia provides the intuition, introspection, involvement, and inspiration.”

“Sylvia did a wonderful job at our Support Staff Workshop! Teambuilding is a topic that covers a vast area and she managed to hit on all the key points. I’m hearing wonderful comments regarding her presentation.”

“You are truly a gifted professional. Your presentation on “Blind Courage” was right on target for our members. Our evaluations have never been higher. It is always a challenge to get a speaker who relates to all members. You did that!”

“Thank you for the seminar you created for our department. Each one of my staff members told me it was a very beneficial learning experience. As their supervisor, I found it invaluable to be able to laugh and discuss work styles (faults included) in an open environment, with no feelings of resentment or judgment. Your terrific coaching skills made it possible.”

“Very energetic and informational! Very good!”

“Your success strategies breakout session conveyed your professionalism and enthusiasm for your work, and your insight was truly valued by our attendees. Your presentation received “rave reviews” from all attendees. “You could tell that you truly believe in what you teach!”

“Oh the games people play! … And Sylvia is master of identifying the games, their negative influence, and creating new ways to think about ourselves and others in order to maximize our potential.”

“Self-acceptance and self-honor are precursors to healthy relationships. I AM IN CHARGE!”

“You really connect with your audience. You help people to confront issues with great ease and comfort.”

“Sylvia’s presentation on executive development, team building, and insight was a great success. The success is based upon her personal capabilities, style and insightfulness. She builds upon this insight to help participants be even more effective at everything they do.”
Al Morrison, Vice President Global Professional Development, A.T. Kearney, Inc.

“Your “Success Strategies” keynote presentation will always be memorable. You have taught our participants how to be better managers and effective decision makers. You showed them how to build their leadership qualities in order to affect change. We were so glad to have you!”

“I want to thank you for your wonderful presentation, “It’s Never Too Late to Become What You Might have Been.” It was exactly the right message for a dreary winter day. Your words of determination, of starting over, of facing conflict, were profound. You manage to keep things funny whatever the situation. You have a wonderful gift that is a pleasure to receive.”

“Thank you very much for sharing your insights on “Intuitive Intelligence”. Your presentation on how to read and best communicate with those we encounter in all parts of our lives was both enlightening and confirming. Your enthusiasm about human behavior is simply contagious!”

“We were very impressed with Sylvia’s presentation on insight, team building, and leadership. Her energy and enthusiasm is truly inspirational. She is extremely bright and is devoted to making her contact with customers and employees memorable and special.”

“Many thanks for the teambuilding session. It was interesting, informative and insightful, not to mention, fast-paced and fun. You delivered insights with a velvet glove that made your comments constructive and most importantly, actionable.”

“We really enjoyed your presentation on “Intuitive Intelligence” at our 2000 Management Conference. Your interpretive skills are outstanding.”

“I am in charge, not of what life puts before me, but in how I live with it and react to it!”

“I have found Sylvia’s personal opinions and comments to be quite illuminating.”

“Thanks again for your uplifting and motivational presentation to our group.”

“Fantastic presentation. Good mix of lecturing and audience participation.”

“Thank you for your keynote speech on “Using Your Instinct in Business.” Your expertise was proven by all the positive comments I received about you. It was a memorable evening.”

“Sylvia was wonderful, inspiring, funny, and compassionate. I found the program enlightening. She provided insight to colleague’s working styles, and useful suggestions on how to adapt.”

“Thanks for a great class presentation. I know that the students gained a tremendous amount of insight from your experience with intuitive intelligence.”

“Thank you so much! The energy and aura was truly inspiring. I feel free!”

“She has always received excellent reviews from our guests, always been a pleasure to deal with …”