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With her quick wit, keen perception, and infectious laugh, Sylvia Friedman knows how to entertain a crowd. As a Master Handwriting Analyst, she reads the "blueprint of the brain" by analyzing the lines and strokes most take for granted. And as a renowned astrologer, she reads the "blueprint of the stars" by calculating the impact of celestial objects on everyday life. Taken in tandem or explored individually, Sylvia offers these services in a group or one-on-one. She has received rave reviews for her insight and humor, and clients around the world have been amazed by the personal truths she has gleaned from a few scribbles and a simple birthdate.

There is nothing she can't do!


  • Corporate Events
  • Family Functions (including Anniversaries, Weddings, Showers, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs)
  • Parties (including Reunions, Sweet 16, Wine Tastings)
  • Holiday Celebrations (including Christmas, Halloween, New Year's Eve)
"We really enjoyed your presentation on "Intuitive Intelligence"
at our 2000 Management Conference. Your interpretive skills are outstanding."
- M.E. Francis, District Manager, AT&T
"I am in charge, not of what life puts before me, but in how I live with it and react to it!"
- Comment from the Leadership Connections Workshop
"I have found Sylvia's personal opinions and comments to be quite illuminating."
- Rich Melman, Chairman Of The Board, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Inc.
"Thanks again for your uplifting and motivational presentation to our group."
- Virginia Lowery, Vice President, IL Association of Accounting Administration
"Fantastic presentation. Good mix of lecturing and audience participation."
- Bridget Lenihan, Senior Vice-President, Ogilvy & Mather
"Thank you for your keynote speech on "Using Your Instinct in Business." Your expertise
was proven by all the positive comments I received about you. It was a memorable evening."
- Tim Dillon, Senior Events Producer, Chicago Tribune
"Sylvia was wonderful, inspiring, funny, and compassionate. I found the program enlightening.
She provided insight to colleague's working styles, and useful suggestions on how to adapt."
- L.I. Miller, Senior Vice-President, MS&L Public Relations
"Thanks for a great class presentation. I know that the students gained a tremendous
amount of insight from your experience with intuitive intelligence."
- Dawn Harris, Vice President of the School of Business Administration, Loyola University
"Thank you so much! The energy and aura was truly inspiring. I feel free!"
- Maggie, from the Live Your Truth Keynote & Workshop
"She has always received excellent reviews from our guests, always been a pleasure to deal with ..."
- Joseph D. Gutman, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs