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Part teacher, part cheerleader, part long-time friend, Sylvia Friedman's approach to coaching can best be described as direct. She has even been dubbed "The TRUTH Therapist" for her ability to see and share "the TRUTH in you." Experienced working with individuals, families and corporations, Sylvia meets her clients where they are in their personal journey, and then guides them to what they can become. And she does it all in a safe and supportive environment with questions that elicit as much laughter as they do insight.

"What makes your heart sing," she may ask. And don't be surprised if this one-time New York actor breaks into song! After all, life is meant to be enjoyed. Her unwavering confidence in each person's ability to discover their unique gifts is both infectious and inspiring. Free from negativity, anxiety and self-doubt, her clients leave their sessions ready to lead healthy, truthful lives overflowing with personal and professional success.

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Sample Topics

For Individuals

  • The TRUTH in You
  • Taking Charge of Change
  • No-Stress Decision Making
  • Avoiding the "Perfection" Trap
  • Love Your SELF, Love Your Life

For Couples and Families

  • Understanding and Accepting Yourself and Others
  • Listening With an Open Ear
  • Avoiding the Blame-Shame Game
  • Are We on the Same Wavelength?
  • How to Be Strong and Still Get Along

For Corporations - Executives

  • Leading by Example
  • De-Stress for Success
  • Change Is the New Constant
  • How to Work With the 4 Personality Types
  • Intuitive Intelligence - How to Recognize and Trust Your Intuition

For Corporations - Teams

  • Transforming High Emotions into High Performance
  • Project Management Means People Management
  • Finding the Team Voice
  • Building Trust to Build Success
  • Celebrating the Parts of the Sum

Whether you are a college student, stay-at-home parent, or seasoned executive, Sylvia has the right coaching approach that is specifically tailored for you. Find out how Sylvia can help you live the life you were meant to have.

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"We really enjoyed your presentation on "Intuitive Intelligence"
at our 2000 Management Conference. Your interpretive skills are outstanding."
- M.E. Francis, District Manager, AT&T
"I am in charge, not of what life puts before me, but in how I live with it and react to it!"
- Comment from the Leadership Connections Workshop
"I have found Sylvia's personal opinions and comments to be quite illuminating."
- Rich Melman, Chairman Of The Board, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Inc.
"Thanks again for your uplifting and motivational presentation to our group."
- Virginia Lowery, Vice President, IL Association of Accounting Administration
"Fantastic presentation. Good mix of lecturing and audience participation."
- Bridget Lenihan, Senior Vice-President, Ogilvy & Mather
"Thank you for your keynote speech on "Using Your Instinct in Business." Your expertise
was proven by all the positive comments I received about you. It was a memorable evening."
- Tim Dillon, Senior Events Producer, Chicago Tribune
"Sylvia was wonderful, inspiring, funny, and compassionate. I found the program enlightening.
She provided insight to colleague's working styles, and useful suggestions on how to adapt."
- L.I. Miller, Senior Vice-President, MS&L Public Relations
"Thanks for a great class presentation. I know that the students gained a tremendous
amount of insight from your experience with intuitive intelligence."
- Dawn Harris, Vice President of the School of Business Administration, Loyola University
"Thank you so much! The energy and aura was truly inspiring. I feel free!"
- Maggie, from the Live Your Truth Keynote & Workshop
"She has always received excellent reviews from our guests, always been a pleasure to deal with ..."
- Joseph D. Gutman, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs