Looking Within


It is very nice to look at a beautiful woman or a handsome man and feel attracted to the beauty of his or her external l00k. I think we can all admire beauty, yet, can we feel the importance of looking inside that person.  Who is that woman or man?  Style is lovely, but courage is better.  Is that person compassionate, kind, or giving? Can that person give back to you, when you give so much?

Can  you feel safe with that man or woman?  Does that man or woman recognize your special qualities? Is your personal security in tact. We often make mistakes because we are afraid to recognize the truthful qualities of the person we connect to. We cannot put individuals on a pedestal because they will eventually fall off.

Do you feel that the person you are with enjoys the same things that you do? Do you feel happy when you are with that person.  We do not attract to someone because he or she is a challenge, because the challenge will diminish after awhile. Are you proud to be with the person you care about? I do believe that love is the answer, but that love has to be internal as well as external.

Why are we afraid to communicate our feelings?  Even though we may not be a “feelings” person we need to recognize the feelings in the person we are with.  If you are a “facts” person you need to recognize that even though feelings tend to scare you, it’s important to understand them in someone else.

Looking within is difficult. I recommend a good life coach.

I use astrology along with my coaching. I always ask the birthday when I begin to coach. I also get a sample of their handwriting for analysis of their personality. Therefore, I know who is walking in the door for their first session. Nothing is scary when truth prevails. In fact, it is so helpful to understand the traits and characteristics you were born with.

Most of us have some baggage when we enter a relationship. Therefore, we need to rectify that baggage before we marry anyone. It is normal to have some baggage, but the issues that come with baggage must be solved.

I have couples that come to see me before they marry. They find that it is wise to have a mediator, who is truly in their corner before they marry. There are too many difficult relationships and marriages, because so many of the people involved are frightened to talk about what really bothers them. So many women have fathers that do not pay attention to them and they choose a man who is similar to their fathers. If they feel that their fathers have abandoned them, they do not want to spoil anything, because they may be abandoned again!

Love is beautiful, but it takes work. Chemistry can come quickly, but who you are within can be work for your partner. If both partners are willing to work, without fear of abandonment they can grow together. Men can often attract to their mother figures if the mother is very dominating. Therefore, they need to be careful to want to romantic figure, instead of a mother figure.

I have helped many people in relationships and it has been both fulfilling for me and for them! My father asked me what made me happy and he said I was seven years old.  I responded with, “Love Is
The Answer Daddy!”  He laughed out loud, as he always did and said, “I’m going to tell the whole family that you need a lot of love!  I kissed him and said, “Go Right Ahead!”

“Don’t be afraid to get to know yourself, and don’t be afraid to know your partner.”

That’s when love lasts a very long time!


You can connect with me at 312-944-7256 or Firegyrl@aol.com I can help you when you are read to begin your journey of “Looking Within.”


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