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There are many pleasers in the world, and those pleasers have a very difficult time saying “No” when they want to. We all have the right to say no when we want to. We just have to believe that we are lovable without trying to please or get approval.

Saying no also makes some people feel that they are not good people. Of course, this is wrong.

There are so many times that we say yes and regret it because we are not getting the response we need. We can never give up the fact that we have an opinion and we cannot be used. The more we feel that we are responsible for our own behavior and do not go against the grain of who we are, the better we feel.

A lot of our behavior begins when we live with extreme expectations from our parents.  Our parents do not always understand how much they hurt us by raising us as to who they expect us to be.  So many parents do not ask you “How do you feel?”  What do you think?” If we are not given the permission to think or feel, we begin to build inner anger. Parents do not realize that they can be responsible for the lack of self-esteem in their children. They do not realize that saying no is the right they give to their children.

Bossy parents work through their egos. Their parents did not give them the opportunity to say no. We cannot function through our egos. We need to function with the knowledge that we know who we are.

I am always saying “Love Is The Answer” and I definitely believe it.  My father gave me the love that I needed and never thought that his guidance did not include me.  I am so grateful for his love and I miss him everyday.

My advice is to say “No” when it’s right for you. Look at your lives and realize that you own you, you belong to you, and you need to take care of you!  Our personal lives need to have the word no in our vocabulary.

Our professional lives need some compromise, but not when we compromise ourselves.  We will always be respected when people recognize that we feel that we are deserving and worthy. If we continually bend to someone else they will think that we will always do what they want.  Leaders can say no professionally, but they do not always have the same reaction personally. When we can be courageous about the need to personally communicate we will be in charge of our lives. I am writing a book called “Truthful Love” with the aid of astrology. I have been an astrologer for over 20 years and find that the evaluation of personalities are very accurate. I always use the gift I have been given when it comes to intuition and when I coach I depend on my intuition. I have changed many lives and those people are much happier with finding out who they really are. It may sound unusual to read that most people do not know who they are, but their fear overcomes them and they tend to hide. Developing our courage and self-love is the answer to becoming the person you want to be!

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I do understand how difficult it can be when you live in a world which presents sadness, pain, anger, and hate. Since I have always wanted to live with joy, peace, love and laughter, I called myself a simple girl.

What did I want to believe about my life. I wanted to have fun, have good parents, possibly a sibling or two, and we would all be happy!

My friends called me a dreamer, since I wanted to be an actress.I told them that it wasn’t a dream–I would be an actress.

Now some of my thoughts might have changed when I was born to a poor family, and lived in the Chicago Housing Projects, but they were still the same. I Didn’t think that I lived in a ghetto, I thought that I would love and help my friends, who needed my spirit, because they had mothers, who were prostitutes,and fathers, who were alcoholics, And their lives were sad.

I had a fabulous father, who worshipped his only child, and a mother, who was a very nervous person. I believed in my father’s opinion of me, as he thought I was very special. I couldn’t believe in my mother’s opinion because I could not attach to her nerves.

I was Jewish and my friends were diverse. They were Hispanic, African American, Asian, Italian, and as my Jewish grandmother would call some of them “Billhillies”

I know that being happy was very important to me and I saw
my life, for the first twelve years, HAPPY! I was a little chubby, but my father thought I was beautiful. He would treat me by taking me to an expensive store once a year,
and bought me a pretty dress. I remember all of the mothers
calling their little girls “fat”. My father would think that every dress I put on was gorgeous and I was gorgeous.

After we bought the dress my father would go up to a few of the mothers and say, “Don’t call your daughters “fat” because they will always think that they are “Fat”. I was so proud of him. He enhanced my happiness.

We all need to try hold on to what makes us happy. Life can be beautiful or pleasurable if we believe it. Nothing is perfect, but there are things to remember that we will never forget. As a coach and teacher I am very strong on helping my clients feel self-love, as I believe it can help us get through the most difficult times we may have.

I always loved the song “Smile” and I still love it. A wonderful smile brings light to those who see it. Each one of us can choose to have a happy and realistic life.

I graduated grammar school at 11. and went into high school at 11 l/2. I skipped three times and I wish I had not skipped three times, but I did. I graduated high school at 15 1/2 and got a scholarship to Northwestern University. I graduated at 19 and went off to New York to become an actress, or maybe I thought I was going to be a star!

I became an actress because I believed in my talent. I have had many careers that made me happy. I refused to be unhappy and I guess I still refuse! Nothing is perfect, except my two children! We need to work on gratitude for what we have, determination to make things happen, and courage to go forward in the best way we can!


Welcome to my first blog…Why telling the truth has become my mission in life!

As a coach, motivational speaker, writer, and fun-loving spirit I can never lie. I impart that to my clients and thank goodness I’ve been successful. As you see from my website my motto is “What You Think You Become. What You Believe You are!” That motto is all about finding your own truth. I thought writing this blog might help you understand why I chose truth in my teachings. It is all I know!

I am an only child, who was born in the Chicago Housing Projects. The projects were just built, so everything was brand new. The rent was very low and most of the people who lived there were poor. I never thought I was poor, because I had a marvelous father. He was unbelievably honest and loved life. My mother was just the opposite. She had so much fear, and telling the truth scared her. Somehow I decided at a very young age that I couldn’t be like my mother. I couldn’t lie, and since my father couldn’t lie, we were a powerful team. The project was surrounded by what people called “The Ghetto”! That didn’t stop my father from taking me for a lot of walks. We would see people sleeping on the street. They were drunk or on drugs and my father would say, “Sweetheart, we are so much luckier than these poor souls. We live in paradise.”

I believed my father. He would compliment me and tell me that I always need to tell the truth. I guess I was naturally courageous, and I felt that it was my job to help all my friends. We played truthful games, and our characters were always strong and honest. Guess who the leader was? My mission for believing that we need to live our truth began when I was around five years old. I spent the first twelve years in the project and witnessed so much diversity. My truth seemed to inspire my friends and their parents. Many of their parents were alcoholics, gangsters, and drug addicts. They would laugh at me because I would say, “I won’t lie, you can’t make me!” They seemed to like my spirit. There were times that I saved my friends from their horrible parents, and I began to believe that my truth was the answer to my strength.

As I grew up “truth and love was my answer”! I thought it was important to teach other people that telling the truth and believing in love would help them live healthier lives. My world has always been based on the truth and I never changed. My kids would say, “We better tell the truth, or we’ll get that look!”