So many of my very worrisome clients do not realize that living a chaotic life, on an ongoing basis, begins to affect the fragile or sensitive parts of their bodies. Worry, anxiety, and nerves can bring on colitis, breast cancer, strokes, heart attacks, and more.  There are many other difficulties. It depends on the individual.

I ask my clients, “Do you understand that each one of you can be responsible when you feel physically ill? They look at me and say, how?  So many of them don’t think about it, and if they do, they still continue to look for trouble in their lives. The drama of intensity and worry, that we create, can never be as important as our health. We cannot wait until we get sick before we stop the chaos.

Very nervous people often repeat the behavior of their parents, and how they were raised, as they were growing up. If they had demanding or nervous parents that made them feel as though they were not good enough, they tend to believe it, and begin to be very self-critical and judgmental. They also begin to criticize others in the same way. Self-criticism,and the need to be perfect brings on intensity and this intensity affects the body. Ask yourself,
“Is your hysteria exciting?” I hope the answer is no. “Does looking for trouble make you feel good?”
I hope the answer is no. Do you love yourself? Most of them say no. Isn’t that shocking?

Noone can love themselves if they live a chaotic life. I want to help them build self-love. Self-love is the right answer. I teach it to all my clients. I tell them if they want to be healthy and happier they need to work hard and go the distance. It is not more difficult to live your truth. It is more difficult to live a lie.

The world is in chaos right now. Fighting and killing is certainly not the answer. We cannot build relationships without communication, whether it is personal or professional. We cannot live a healthy life or build a healthy body by harboring our anger. Anger can be the killer when disagreement or different beliefs prevail.

As you know my brand is truth, and with truth we cannot build anger and hostility. We all need to think about ourselves and how we stay mentally and physically healthy. We do have a choice, and we cannot allow fear to destroy our choices. Please feel free to contact me if you are lost in some of your choices.  312-944-7256, Chicago, Illinois

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