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Why do so many people look for love and are afraid of it?

I always tell my clients that truthful love is the answer. I am writing a new book called
Truthful Love. Learn to understand your astrological self. It does help with learning to live
your own truth.

Astrology has been a tool of mine for over 20 years. What fascinated me was the personalities. My clients also like to have their natal charts done at the beginning of the year, so that they can be
aware of how their year is going to be. I began to coach my clients over 10 years ago. I was
encouraged, because I seemed to know how to solve their problems.

Love was always important to me from the time I was a very little girl. My father asked me,
“What makes you happy, baby.” I responded with, “Love Is The Answer. Love makes you feel so good.
Daddy laughed out loud and said, “I’m going to tell the family that my baby needs a lot of love.”

Why do I have so many clients that fear love. They are very afraid to fall in love. It seems to be more
comfortable for them to look for trouble, when they begin a relationship. I try to tell them that working on finding truthful love will make them a lot happier than looking toward the dramas of love.

I talked to a group of women last week, and I asked them to raise their hands if they felt self-love.
There were 50 women and one raised her hand. I am a true advocate when it comes to women, as they have the strength to take care of their own lives. The problem is that they also take care of their mates, friends,
work associates, and have very little time for themselves. After a while, women begin to feel the frustration that people never know that they need anything. I ask, “Why would anyone know that you need anything, when you are always giving yourself away?”

Fear can destroy love, fear can keep you living alone, fear can stop the happiness you deserve and want in your life. Fear never feels good. It is not only bad for love, it can diminish the true opportunity for healthy love. Courage and love are compatible. Fear and love are not compatible.

When we give ourselves the opportunity to explore what feels healthy and truthful. When you are in a relationship, you need to feel that you are sincerely and truthfully loved for who you are. Control is never the answer. We cannot control others and have a happy relationship. We are not strong when we control. It is all about ego. Ego is not authentic. Understanding who you are what you need is crucial to find the kind of love you need. My astrology book will explain compatibility, and also reveal the right people, who are capable of giving you the love you need.

The book will be valuable, and will help you to find what you need, or what you don’t want.