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My experience with personal clients, or when I speak to a large audience I find that most people resist becoming their own best friend. They do not nurture or nourish themselves. They do not appreciate their accomplishments. They tend to forget to count the good,and obsess on the “I’m Not Good Enough” syndrome. They worry and worry. Therefore, they are peaking their nerves on a daily basis. Anxiety gets in the way of their need for self-love.

We cannot be negative, when we make choices. We cannot lose hope, when it keeps us alive and happy. No hope, no zest for life. No hope, no dreams.

Do you help others? Are you their best friend. Do you forget to be good to yourself. The one tool to help you is to count on your courage. Do not allow your fear to become your best friend.

As I tell all of my clients, “Get up in the morning, look in the mirror and say, “I love you.” Of course I want you to mean what you say, or this exercise will not work.

My father would say to me, “Honey, who is your best friend?” I would respond with “I Am” He smiled and said, “You sure are. Keep it up”! Sometimes our parents do not realize how to raise us with that feeling. They tend to make us feel that we need to please, obey, and say yes all the time. Of course I always say, “No, is in the dictionary.”

The world will be a better place, if most people wanted to be their own best friend. There would be less anger, there would be less blame, there would be less pain and torture.

I leave you with “Please understand the importance of being your own best friend.” When you reach that plateau there will be no stopping you! It truly feels good and lies will not be necessary.

What do you do to help others? You make sure they get what they need. You take them to the hospital when necessary.
You make them laugh when they are sad. You are there for them, but are they there for you? If you are your best friend, your choices will be healthy and happy. If you are your best friend, you worries will take a back seat. If you are your best friend you are not selfish. If you please yourself, your self-esteem will grow and grow.
If you need your own approval, you will always have the strength to get the job done.