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I do understand how difficult it can be when you live in a world which presents sadness, pain, anger, and hate. Since I have always wanted to live with joy, peace, love and laughter, I called myself a simple girl.

What did I want to believe about my life. I wanted to have fun, have good parents, possibly a sibling or two, and we would all be happy!

My friends called me a dreamer, since I wanted to be an actress.I told them that it wasn’t a dream–I would be an actress.

Now some of my thoughts might have changed when I was born to a poor family, and lived in the Chicago Housing Projects, but they were still the same. I Didn’t think that I lived in a ghetto, I thought that I would love and help my friends, who needed my spirit, because they had mothers, who were prostitutes,and fathers, who were alcoholics, And their lives were sad.

I had a fabulous father, who worshipped his only child, and a mother, who was a very nervous person. I believed in my father’s opinion of me, as he thought I was very special. I couldn’t believe in my mother’s opinion because I could not attach to her nerves.

I was Jewish and my friends were diverse. They were Hispanic, African American, Asian, Italian, and as my Jewish grandmother would call some of them “Billhillies”

I know that being happy was very important to me and I saw
my life, for the first twelve years, HAPPY! I was a little chubby, but my father thought I was beautiful. He would treat me by taking me to an expensive store once a year,
and bought me a pretty dress. I remember all of the mothers
calling their little girls “fat”. My father would think that every dress I put on was gorgeous and I was gorgeous.

After we bought the dress my father would go up to a few of the mothers and say, “Don’t call your daughters “fat” because they will always think that they are “Fat”. I was so proud of him. He enhanced my happiness.

We all need to try hold on to what makes us happy. Life can be beautiful or pleasurable if we believe it. Nothing is perfect, but there are things to remember that we will never forget. As a coach and teacher I am very strong on helping my clients feel self-love, as I believe it can help us get through the most difficult times we may have.

I always loved the song “Smile” and I still love it. A wonderful smile brings light to those who see it. Each one of us can choose to have a happy and realistic life.

I graduated grammar school at 11. and went into high school at 11 l/2. I skipped three times and I wish I had not skipped three times, but I did. I graduated high school at 15 1/2 and got a scholarship to Northwestern University. I graduated at 19 and went off to New York to become an actress, or maybe I thought I was going to be a star!

I became an actress because I believed in my talent. I have had many careers that made me happy. I refused to be unhappy and I guess I still refuse! Nothing is perfect, except my two children! We need to work on gratitude for what we have, determination to make things happen, and courage to go forward in the best way we can!


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