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My father asked me this question when I was seven years old. He said, “Baby what makes you happy? I smiled and said, “Daddy, love is the answer!” He laughed out loud, as he usually did, and said, “I’m going to tell the whole family that my baby needs a lot of love.” I think I never stopped being my father’s baby. In fact, it took me a while to grow up and perform as an adult. Although…to tell you the truth, I never want to say goodbye to my playful nature!

I’m truly an Aries, April 17th, and I’m grateful to have had the courage to validate all of my talents. I would always think of my father, as I changed careers. My accomplishments and success as an actress (my true love), film producer, sports agent. development director, life coach, writer and speaker is all due to my father’s faith in his only child. Even though I lost him early, I always speak to him, and say, “Daddy, keep believing in me.”

The reason I am writing about my father is that he was astrologically compatible to me. He was born in Poland on September 7th (Virgo) and came to the United States when he was thirteen years old. He barely finished the 9th grade, and astrology was a total mystery to him. He didn’t know that being born Aries the ram gave me the traits and characteristics that he loved about me. He would smile and say, “Baby, you have so much energy and courage–you always fight for what you want.” “I responded with, “Daddy you make me so happy, because you truly love who I am.”

My experience as a life coach has shown that women who grow with an attentive and loving
father tend to choose mates who are similar. If they grow up with fathers who are cold, distant, and uncommunicative, they gravitate to mates, who tend to enhance their personal insecurity.

I find that many of my male clients who were raised by domineering and controlling mothers usually attract to a domineering and controlling mate. This mate takes care of everything that they do not want to do, just like mommy did. In addition, they tend to boss them around. I have a short story about two very good friends of mine. We sit down to dinner and I hear her say, “Sit up in your chair, and don’t slouch.” I turn to him and say, “How could you tolerate that statement? He responded with, “I don’t hear her.” He’s 79 and she’s 77 and she is still telling him to sit up in his chair. When clients come to visit me and begin to complain about their bossy wives I ask them, “Why would you want to choose a mother figure over a romantic figure. They smile, shake their heads and say, “You have a point!” I also say “Do you want to be intimate with a mother figure?”
He says, “No.”

So many human beings search for what they call “true love”, but they tend to forget that their idea of “true love” may not mean “Truthful Love!” We cannot forget the importance of developing our consciousness, in order to understand and recognize the kind of person we attract to.” You may be thinking, “What does consciousness mean? When I coach clients, whose relationships are in trouble, I try to tell them. “Relationships are not an illusion. No man or woman should be put on a pedestal because he or she will eventually fall off.” I smile and say, “Remember my ongoing reminder, “be realistic about who you connect to.” NO ONE IS PERFECT!”
My next book is about love relationships, with the aid of Astrology!



1. Do you hang on to difficult situations?
2. Do you accept that you are worthy and deserving?
3. Do you believe people when they give you a compliment?
4. Do you hide from your real feelings?
5. Are you afraid people might not like you?
6. Do you mind spin and never resolve your questions?
7. Are you an extreme pleaser?
8. Do you approve of yourself?
9. Are you very fearful and lack trust?
10. Do you have the courage to stand up for yourself?
11. Are you afraid of personal confrontation?
12. Do you hold on and build anger on a daily basis?
13. Are you very self-critical?
14. Are you critical and judgmental of others?
15. Do you concentrate on your problems everyday, without resolving them? YES, BUT…
16. Do you take everything personally?
17. Do you trust yourself?
18. Are you overly private?
19. Do you see a romantic figure in the right light?
20. Do you see friendship in the right light?
Take this quiz and if your rating needs help. I offer a program on SELF-LOVE.

We all need to love ourselves. You can contact me at 312-944-7256


Hope is stronger than fear!

Believing in hope has allowed me to see the truth of my success. Since I am a positive person HOPE has been my guide, rather than FEAR. My hopeful nature has also empowered my courage. It is an ongoing light that shines on it.

As a coach I often hear my clients say, “I hope this is the right thing to do”, when they have to make a serious decision in their lives. I inspire them by saying “Hope is your friend when you need to make that kind of decision.” They smile and say, “You and hope!” I smile back and respond with “It works for me.”

Of course I also work with clients who are always waiting for the next shoe to drop. They tend to worry, worry, worry. Their nervous anxiety has nothing to do with being hopeful. In fact, they do not value hope, because they are caught in the drama of unhappiness. It’s amazing how that drama becomes a habit.

I looked in the dictionary for the definition of hope. I was impressed that it emphasized “the hope of winning.” It touched me because I consider hope as a positive force, and we win when we’re positive. On the contrary When I looked up the definition of fear it was negative, because it talked about hurt and rejection. Too many of us allow our fear to prevail, as our way of not taking action.

I also ask my clients, “Why do you think fear is safe?” They often respond with, “it hurts less than speaking their truth. Can you imagine fear feels better than living their truth.

The world can be a fearful place, and we certainly have experienced a huge lack of understanding and communication at this point in time. Can you imagine killing someone because his or her religious bent is not the same. Can you imagine killing children and how confused they are with the terror they see around them. Their natural spirits are kidnapped by the pain they endure.

My father, with only a ninth grade education, inspired me to understand that I had to take care of myself, because I owned me, and needed to be there for me. Of course he was always there for me, but his teaching that I needed to love myself saved me from allowing any abuse into my life. He was a very unusual and caring man, who taught me to always hope for the best.

My philosophy is to believe that maintaining hope in our lives, will help us to take risks, welcome change, laugh at ourselves, know that our struggles are worth it, and most of all conquer our depression.

Hope is the reason our hearts sing. Hope is the reason our faces shine, and hope is the reason for our strength to grow. Hope is much stronger than fear!



Why do people fight in wars? I’m sure that we all have feelings and thoughts about this, especially now. Our sadness comes from seeing the innocent children and civilian families murdered on a daily basis. Does God or religion want an individual to wear a bomb, kill himself, and 50 people around him? My answer is NO! Whatever our religion the answer is NO! When does death become more important than life?

We cannot have compassion when we hate, build anger, seek control and power. I believe that if those who fight in wars could possess self-knowledge, and understand the truth of who they are, perhaps they would gain a sense of right or wrong. Hopefully if they had more education, and could find peace in who they are, they would not want to harm themselves or others. Since the understanding of the self is not encouraged by parents, who suffer just to make a living, children pay the price. Psychology is not a practice when everything else is a struggle. Therefore, since the understanding of the self is not a common believe system or a taught attribute in the upbringing of a child, they are forced to follow their parent’s lead.

Without a proper understanding of the self, one would resort or fall back upon the notion that hate and anger are the resolves to life’s problems. Of course we know that hate and anger are deep wounds that we can carry forever.

When we build hate, anger, and resentment we fog our minds and have no clarity. Therefore we resort to confusion when making decisions. The leaders that inspire war are looking for control and power. It usually comes from their lack of personal security. Can you imagine the futility of living a life based on fear and survival? Having to Watch those beautiful children, as they lay there dead, without a chance to follow the wonderful journeys they may have had. These children were the victims by the fear-based environment of their daily existence.

Where is love? Where is peace of mind? Imagine the beautiful harmony in living with togetherness, as well as an understanding you and another are often similar, but convinced that religion sets you apart.

The focus should be on what unites us, not what divides us. When we can rejoice in our strengths collectively as human beings, we can then begin to see and understand our own strengths as individuals.

Even though the pain is constant and becomes the truth of daily life, it does not have to be. How we chose to identify with our pain will either be a way of overcoming it, or allowing it to destroy us.

Wars are not coming to an end soon, and we have so much to do. We need to believe that we can heal. It is through healing that we can truly accept and give the gift of compassion. We must first and foremost have compassion for ourselves.


What has Astrology done for me?

When I got divorced 25 years ago, I had a good job, but needed more money to be sure that I could support myself and my two children. I wasn’t one of the luckey women who received a lot of money for alimony and child support. If I could look back I would have been much smarter.

I thought, “What other jobs could I have that fit in with my ongoing job?” It didn’ t take me long to come up with this decision. As I gave said before, I learned to love Astrology as a young girl. It didn’t take me long to make this new career decision. “I’m going to study Astrology, and I could build a clientele doing Natal Charts, Relationship Charts, Family charts, and coaching.” Fortunately, it was a good decision, as I have become a good astrologer, and have become a better life coach because of my astrological knowledge.

I learned that there are 12 signs in the zodiac. These twelve personalities have become personal friends. I know them so well. Each sign has a particular mantra, which tells a lot about that person. I am not narrow-minded about anything, as I am the ultimate learner. After 25 years I know that Astrology is valid and helpful.

Astrology has proven to be a form of psychology for me. I must admit that I am also an intuitive, and my intuition helps me to go deeper than most.  When I do a natal chart for a client and a handwriting analysis I know who is walking into my office. Numerology is an inescapable part of astrology.

I interpret one year at a time giving my clients an idea of what is before them, and help them to understand how to make decisions. I have helped many clients, and it has been very gratifying.

Aries  “I Am” – Love is Innocence and love is trust. Taurus “I Have” love is patience and love is forgiveness. Gemini “I Think” Love is awareness and learn that love is feeling. Cancer “I Feel” Love is devotion and love is freedom.  Leo “I Will” Love is ecstasy and learn that love is humility. Virgo ” I Analyze” Love is pure and love is fulfillment” Libra “I Balance “Love is beauty and love is harmony. Scorpio “Love is Passion and love is surrender.” Sagittarius  “I See” “Love is honesty and love is loyalty. Capricorn “I use” Love is wisdom and love is unselfish. Aquarius “I know” Love is tolerance and love is oneness. Pisces “I believe” Love is compassion and love is ALL.

These mantras are the keys to helping each sign understand how they approach love. There are so many facets that come out of your birthday, time of birth, and place of birth. I have never doubted Astrology and it’s truth. Astrology helps us to learn our truth.  You can contact me at 312-944-7256, in order understand yourself and the world around you.!