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So many of my clients admit they want love , but they continue to complain about their inability to find it. I tell them, “There are so many ways to find love. The most important way is building the lack of fear to give love.” It’s not only the romantic love that we look for, it’s receiving those special vibes from people, who can sense your giving nature, and what you portray to them.”

You might want to take this suggestion. When you walk by someone, who has a nice aura, “smile”! If you are in a meeting, “smile”!  If you are sitting in the airport, “smile”! If the other people do not smile back, it doesn’t matter, because you’re practicing the energy of love. Unfortunately, I see so many people walk down the street, in the halls of an office building, or sitting in a restaurant, and they look so unhappy. I feel sad for them, because they do not understand how to give and receive love, which is the truthful gift  of love. When an aura of unhappiness surrounds you, people tend to feel it, and subconsciously tend to move away from you. We cannot reveal our negativity or misery, because we will exude our  pain, not love!

When we are positive we bring light to those who are around us. Spirit and energy prevails over sadness and  “poor me.” I must admit I enjoy people talking to me about my spirit and energy, as it helps me to feel young and stay young. Staying young is not only taking away the wrinkles, or getting a face lift, it’s about sincerely loving ourselves, for our blessings, inner talent, and ability.

We cannot not blame our parents, or the fact that we had very little love, as we grew up. We have a choice as to whether we want to live our lives with joy, and succeed at what we love. I have a friend, who calls me every morning and complains, “Life is so hard.” I care for her, but I say, “Please stop complaining about everything. I take your unhappiness on, and it can spoil my day.” Unfortunately, I had to let her go, since complaining was the drama that she always lived by. It was very unhealthy.

My clients laugh when I advise them to get up in the morning, go into the bathroom, look into the mirror and say, “I love you.” Say, trust me, it’s not a game, it’s about the practice of self-love.

I truly believe that one’s  productivity and success thrives with self-love.  It thrives when we believe in ourselves. It diminishes when we get in our own way with self-criticism, nervous anxiety, and worry. If we live with chaos, our bodies live with pain, and finally illness. Do not destroy your wonderful traits with negative drama.  If we are blessed with beauty inside and out, we cannot discount it.

I have been writing about violence, because I believe that it’s all about ignorance of self, and a lack of self-discovery. It’s all about anger and false power. Killing does not give us power, it enhances our insecurity and gives us subconscious self-hate. Anger is so far away from love. It is the cause of hate, destruction, and lack of education.  Is it dreadful to live with hate on a daily basis?  I say YES, and could not live with hate for five minutes.

Since truth is my brand, self love is next door. Since living your truth is your real power, the love you want will find you. Reach out, and the peace you pray for will not only be a dream, but a fact of life!






























I know that the title of this blog needs explanation — so here goes. My newest desire and adventure is to create what I call “The Love Bombers Campaign”!  Again, what is it? It’s a campaign,which can utilize every form of communication, in order to get into grammar schools. Why grammer schools? Because the kids are young enough to indoctrinate. I want to bring speakers and coaches to the table that would speak or give workshops, in order to help those underpriviledged or disconnected children, age 6 to 9. We want them to understand the importance of self-love and courage. It is not only the underpriviledged children, is also the disconnected children, who do not come from a low income family. They come from a family who never talks to them on a personal level. They are never asked, “What do you feel? or What do you think?” They are personally disconnected. They are lonely and angry. Sometimes the anger drives them to stab, shoot and destroy their own life and those around them!

Unfortunately, these young kids are not given love or special attention, and it has been a permanent problem in the communities. I have been so disturbed (as I hope you are) watching, or reading about all of the violence that goes on in the world. Personally I get so angry and sad. I cry and obsess about, “What can I do.”

My career as a motivational speaker, coach and writer tends to inspire and teach my clients the importance of self-love, healthy thinking, and build the courage to believe in themselves.  After a while of  continuously concentrating on how I could help, I came up with this idea. I want to encourage other speakers and coaches who feel as I do, to join me in this very important endeavor. We can all teach young kids the importance of self love, and the meaning of close connection to their families. Are any of you interested? I hope so!

We all know that continued shooting, and killing those, who innocently sit in front of their houses, play outside, go to school, or innocently walk down the street are victims of evil and unconscious, unloved bombers. These killers are so insecure and cruel that they are  only interested in power. Some of those who belong to gangs believe that murdering their competition makes them the kings of the street. Some of these individuals have built evil natures because of horrible and uncaring backgrounds. Their families have a great deal to do with the natures of these killers.

This newsletter that I am writing this month talks about the Love Bombers Campaign I want to start. I think that these presentations can be so persuasive that they can give the children a new way of living their lives. I intend to bring many different speakers, who can also be effective and influence the children. Are you one of those speakers or coaches? I have some companies that want to donate to this campaign, in order to make all of this possible. Are you one of them. Are you all willing to make a difference?

The Love bomb campaign is about teaching the meaning of truth and learning not to lie. We will persuade these children the value of living a truthful life.We will convince them that they can be so happy living their own truth. I welcome all of you to join me in making all of this happen. This battle should have started a long time ago. After all it’s lives we’re talking about.  The battle will be difficult, but we can win it.  After all, Love is the only answer.

Come and join me to take the guns away from those, who use them to destroy others. Replace those guns with love and truth. I look forward to your help. Please contact me,