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I graduated Northwestern University at nineteen years old. My degree was in Speech, Drama, and Journalism. My dream was to go to the largest theatre city, and become a stage actress.  After graduation my best friend and I decided to live in New York. I was going to be an actress and she was going to get married. She was very successful, as she found three husbands. Her father had a best friend who owned a building on the east side of Manhattan. It was a great neighborhood and our rent was minimal. We were very excited to have this opportunity. After all, we were very young, and moved to a new city, only having  one friend.

I always wanted to learn and understand the psychology of personalities. It would be good for my acting ability and also for my interaction with all of the new people I would meet.  I asked a few girls that I liked, and to my amazement they said, “Read about Astrology” I responded with, “Astrology? Isn’t that woo-woo?” They laughed and said, “NO!” It teaches you how to understand twelve personalities and you will be fascinated by what you learn.” So, I took their advice and went to a book store, where they had many books on Astrology. I purchased a variety of books, and become totally immersed in what I was learning.

I read that there were four elements to understand. Fire, Air, Earth and Water. Three different astrological signs in each element.  Fire, was emotional, passionate, action oriented, and a leader. Air was logical, thoughtful, intelligent, and reserved, but too much emotion scared them. Earth was grounded, stable, sensitive and practical. Water was emotional, sensitive, creative and fearful. There was so much more, and I kept reading. The more I found out about these personalities, the more I understood who they were.  I couldn’t get a better dictionary of human beings and their behavior.

I was primarily interested in having the ability to know people, even before I met them. Astrology can do that for you. So many people fear astrology, because of the predictive aspect it can give you. Even though I am now an astrologer , where I can predict what a year can bring to my clients, I am still fascinated by the personality aspect.

Astrology has become a tool to help me coach my clients.  It has helped me in each one of my careers.  An Actress for 15 years, Producer for 7 years, Sports agent for 4 years, and Development Director for 8 years.

I knew that my intuition was powerful, but Astrology has given me that extra knowledge in dealing with all human beings.  Astrology is not scary, it is an education that has helped me throughout my life. I am an Aries, so the fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are very compatible to me.  My heart would sing, when I met them. There was an instant comfort zone. The Air Signs, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra fanned my fire, and admired me, so I would look for them to help me learn. The Earth signs were practical and strategic, so I would look for them to help me organize. The Water signs, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio were creative and sensitive so I would look for them to nurture my creativity. If people would understand how much help they can get from Astrology they would never be fearful. The predictive is not scary, as it just gives an overview of each year.

I wrote this blog to help my readers understand the education and knowledge of what Astrology can do for them!It is so easy for me to help others with this knowledge. If my clients have romantic relationship problems, Astrology helps me to give them advice on whether they are in a good relationship or one that may not work. If they have people in their career I advise them which people can help them grow or those who stifle their spirit. If they can connect well with their friendships in their everyday lives Astrology will help them to understand why. My advice has proven to be valid for the last 20 years. My advice also helps my clients to understand whether the people they are in love with, or work with, can help them grow, or diminish their spirit. Wouldn’t you be happy to know that you can have advance notice with all of your relationships? I have never been sorry about my astrological knowledge and would be happy to help you to have the same insight in your lives. You can contact me at Sylvia





































After so many years of coaching and building my astrological knowledge, I found that my clients had so many problems with their parents, claiming how little they knew them. I decided to write my book called “The Stars In Your Family” because I believed that this was a way of allowing parents to understand all of their children, as to who they were, rather than who they expected them to be, with the aid of astrology.

Most parents have great intentions when they raise their children. They want them to be physically healthy, they want to teach them rules, they want them to behave properly, but they are often confused as to who they gave birth to. Why does each one of their children behave in the way they do. Why are Taurians rebellious? Why do Libras  have a problem with listening? Why do Aries need attention? It amazes me when parents do not know who their children are. One of the behaviors I see very often in parents is their subconscious tendency to control their children.  Control has nothing to do with understanding and loving them. In fact, control can hurt your relationship with your children, as they never feel good enough. As children grow up with the feeling of “not good enough”, their talent and ability can be diminished.

I say to my clients, “Do you ask your children questions  such as, “How are YOU feeling?” “What are  YOU thinking?” Tell me how I can help YOU? Do you study their personality, in order to give them the advice they need. I believe that these specific questions and an honest thought process can help  you to intuitively understand and support your children.

Most therapists I listen to on the radio, or watch on TV say “Talk To Your Children”.  I  believe that this is very necessary. and missing from so many families. For years I have counseled my clients to “talk to their children”. I tell them, get involved with their problems, learn what they need, and help them to understand and believe in themselves. All of this help them to nurture their true talent and abilities.

If parents tell the truth and have the courage to work with their children, it is the best gift they can give them. The problem is that so many parents do not understand why they do not communicate. They do not recognize their inherited fear of communication, because their parents were fearful of communication. The lack of communication within a family keeps them at a distance, when they need to be close. So much love is lost. The lack of communication keeps anger within the family. We all know that anger can destroy a healthy personality.

My book explains the traits and characteristics of twelve astrological personalities, so that my readers can recognize each one of their children, and how they relate to them. It is so important to me that children learn self-love, self-acceptance, and self-confidence. Truly understanding your children takes courage and love.  Since I am a life coach, motivational speaker, and a published author I have had the opportunity to offer information that can help parents to be proud of the way they raise their children.

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My last blog was written about violence and why do we all have to endure so much of it. My belief is that it comes from built-up anger that starts at a very young age. It starts at an age where the child has no understanding of why he or she is so angry. Of course it also starts with the parent or parents that do not pay attention to their child’s personality or behavior. They do not ease them into the world. They do not recognize their sensitivity or nurture that sensitivity. They do not support them as they enter kindergarten. They raise them with their own extreme expectations and control. They often raise them as to how they were raised. Who were their mothers and fathers? If a child is hurting, parents need to understand that hurt. If he or she is full of nerves and anxiety, parents need to find out why. So many parents never say “I love you” to their child or children. The kids do not feel safe. If children do not have two parents to love and understand them, they feel abandoned by one or the other.

We can recall the horror of Sandy Hook Grammar School in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Did the small children, who were murdered by a very angry young man, whose mother did not get him help, deserve to die. No, they were murdered by this boy’s anger and his mother’s inability to send him to a hospital for therapy. His mother was his first victim, shot  in the head four times.  They were murdered by a father, who wished his son was never born. They were murdered by an older brother who ran away from the family and never saw his brother. It is very difficult to blame others for what the boy did, but he did not know better, because of his awful anger. He was taught to shoot guns because his mother thought he needed to learn responsibility. Those small children were victimized by a family who refused to recognize their son was a killer.

Why do we hold on to anger? It is a drama that hurts and destroys our behavior. It interferes with everything we do. It damages our potential. It damages the way we grow and live. It damages all kinds of relationships. Fear is next to anger, and when you are very angry, you are usually very fearful. That is a terrible combination. We all know that.

I am not only speaking about the United States Of America, I am speaking on a global level. Any society, whether  in America, Iran, or even Nigeria needs self love. Communities, whether affluent or poor are never comfortable without loving parents. Children often take on the mother or father’s image. That’s all they know. They take on their parents’ beliefs, and if their parents hate, the children hate. If their parents love, the children love. If their parents are angry, the children are angry.

I counsel many clients of all walks of life and disfunction and I still see the unhappy qualities of a mother they dislike or a father who never sees them. How do parents educate their children before they go to school, or even if they don’t go to school. Do they teach them that kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and extending their friendship to others may bring them a happier life. We all need to be liked and so many of us spend our lives needing to please, needing approval and have difficulty saying no. It is all about the lack of self love and the growth of self-criticism. It is your choice to love yourself, understand the view of others, and speak your truth. Perhaps healthy negotiation can diminish the desire for war and violence.





We all ask “why do kids kill each other, without consciously understanding the reasons why they do it? Again, why are there so many wars and suicide bombers? And why do many lost human beings follow groups of hateful leaders. Leaders, who are manipulative enough to inspire them and lead them into horrible situations. We watch TV and hear the experts try to explain why this happens. They talk about all of the details, and moderately mention mental disability.

I believe that violence occurs when those who kill and destroy do not understand who they are.
Their education is not developed and their apathy prevails. They are without the knowledge of self-love and truthful living. No one teaches these depressed and lost human beings the importance of living their truth with self-love. Communication is minimal, especially personal communication. Therefore, we look for the wrong people to follow. Those who make us feel important for a moment in time. Hateful leaders, who are about their own power and force, are smart enough to find depressed and lonely people to help them. If they get attention, even though it may be negative attention, they buy it.

Most people ignore what’s truly important in their lives, like love, joy or passion. They concentrate on overwhelming details that cannot give them the light they need. Why do most people ignore and hide from their true feelings? They are frightened to face them. They would rather face their internal pain and dislike themselves for having it. Why do they count the bad and ignore the good in them. They do not want to understand themselves, it’s too painful.

It is very difficult to understand ourselves, if we do not know how to live with truth and self-love.
I have asked this question to groups that come to my workshops. I say, “How many of you believe that you live with self-love.” Three out of fifty may raise their hands. I say, “only three of you?”

It sounds like self-love and living your truth is simple, but it’s not! As a coach I find that my clients live with self-criticism, instead of counting our talent and abilities. I tell them if we can live healthy and truthful lives, healthy and truthful people will attract to you. If we can work as hard on ourselves as we work on having painful dramas, we can begin to feel self-love and work on the tools that will eventually bring them joy.

Going back to violence and suicide I feel that those people who kill and destroy cannot let go of the fact that they feel worthless. Their parents do not feel their own worthiness so they cannot teach or give them tools to help them learn. If children do not believe that they are loved or have value they find places where they believe they are important. Those places are all wrong for them, but they do not know it. They want attention.

I believe recognizing mental disability is first and foremost when we raise our children. Do we ask the right questions. Do we always know the right questions to ask. Loving our children is to understand who they are. We need to put them first. They need to know why they count. Nothing is perfect, and no one should expect it to be. If we are educated on how to recognize our own talent and ability and have the power to fight for our own lives, we are giving ourselves the best gift that God will help us with.

Violence is scary, and we need to believe in and love ourselves to the best of our ability. Living with truth and self-love are necessary to give us the life we deserve to live.