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If the truth strengthens your self-esteem, why are you afraid of it? If the truth makes you proud of yourself, why do you walk away from it? If the truth enhances your courage, why do you choose to lie?

My brand is truth, and for some reason I have lived with truth all of my life. Why? It makes me feel good and I can handle difficult situations in a healthy way. My children were taught not to lie. Therefore, they do not lie. I guess living with a mom, who knows you are lying scares them to death. I remember my son, who is now an adult, saying to his sister, “Mom gives you that look and we better tell her the truth. Did I scare them? Probably, but it worked well for them.

If you lie to your mate, as a client of mine defends herself, “I just omit!” I respond with omitting is a lie. As I coach my clients I try to show them that most of their suffering comes from lying, or harboring their truth. What comes from harboring your truth? ANGER, DEEP ANGER!

When we tell the truth we cleanse our bodies. When we lie our bodies suffer. Most times our health is affected when we harbor our feelings, and build our anger. Also, it’s possible to build chaos and then we can become nervous wrecks. My motto is no nervous wrecks in my clientele. No constant worry that cannot be resolved. No anxiety on a daily basis. After you coach with me your life will be changed. At least that’s what my clients tell me.

Do yourself a favor and live your truth with honor and self-respect. Do yourself a favor and learn to trust yourself because faith in yourself and in your accomplishments is crucial.
Your marriage and relationships will bring you peace and self-confidence when you tell the truth.

I know that my goal is to bring truth to all who listen, but I just can’t help it. My videos on U Tube are all about truth and with truth, joy will prevail. With living your truth, you will not want to please everyone and realize that no one can please another person enough. Live your truth and you will learn how to receive and it will feel good.


The Truth About Empty People!

How can I describe empty people? Let me try. Empty people fear connection, whether it be personal or professional. These people have been called ABSENT in how they live or interact with others.

Their mates have called them absent, their employers have called them absent, and their friends have called them absent, as they are unconscious and hide from their own feelings and the feelings of others. These people are mostly in their own heads and their decisions are not always wise, since all of their thoughts come from their own minds.

It is good to share your feelings or ask advice from those you trust. We cannot believe that we know everything, because that is not possible. When we choose to live in the shade we miss all of the light that others can bring us.

Fear limits our potential and keeps us in a safe place that does not always make us happy. It is not scary to trust competent and honest people. It is scary to keep to ourselves all the time because that makes us lonely.

Many times empty people tend to tell a lot of jokes rather than face their sensitivity. It is courageous to be involved in your life. Remember all of the joy you lose and the relationships you can lose because of being absent. Share yourself and others will gladly share with you.

Fear of honest connection can cause depression and the lack of self-love. Think of all the happiness you can achieve by living a life of excitement, deep feelings, and most importantly truth. Divorce, unhappy relationships, and unfulfilling careers come from living an absent life.
Take a chance and trust yourself to be the best you can be. Emptiness does not work and most of all it does not help you to smell the flowers, build healthy relationships and enjoy your children. Don’t stand in your own way by allowing fear and self-absorbtion to diminish the way you choose to live!


How much truth is needed in this world?

Since my website brand is truth I’d like to talk about how important it is to live a truthful life. Unfortunately many human beings learn to lie at a very young age. First of all they do not trust their parents, because they believe they will get a negative response if they tell the truth. Mostly, they may get in trouble.

It is necessary for parents to understand that they need to impart the importance of telling the truth as they raise their children. Once children are raised in a negative household they tend to lie. They’re afraid they’ll get punished if they do something that may not be acceptable to their parents. My clients want to have truth in their life, but a lack of trust is the culprit. In my own experience I was raised with a father who was very truthful and I admired him for believing in the truth. My mother was fearful on a daily basis, and she had problems with telling the truth.

Fear can be the killer of truth. Fear can destroy potential. My mother never had an education and could not write her name. I was sad for her, and watching her behavior encouraged me to believe in education, truth, and courage. If I told the truth, my courage followed me.

Lying minimalizes courage and inner strength. It limits our strength and we have problems with believing in ourselves.
We cannot lie and sincerely believe in ourselves. We cannot lie because after awhile those lies become the truth. Many people believe their own lies. Once people believe that you lie all the time they will not believe you.

Truth is the answer if we want to live a happy, healthy and successful life. If we are truthful our self-esteem will grow and self-love will blossom.