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Astrological Personality Review


AQUARIUS – Water Bearer
Element: Air
I know. (God Forbid you tell them they don’t)
January 20 to February 18th

Your sign is known for producing geniuses. You are very smart Girls and Guys.
A lot of your intelligence is kept in your own heads. You are thinkers and many times you think alone, especially when your thoughts are personal. The men often answer with one word such as good, nice, okay, etc. We do need paragraphs from time to time. You are independent, shy, (not in expressing your opinions) rebellious and have a great dry sense of humor. Your communication on a personal level needs help. Emotions tend to scare you. You need truth in your life, and anyone superficial does not touch your heart. A little advice: Learn to talk to your mates.

ARIES – The Ram
Element: Fire
I am.
March 21st to April 19th

I describe you as FAST. Move fast, work fast, think fast, get the job done fast. You are a story teller and have a theatrical bent. A lot of actors and actresses. You are always working on your patience because fast people have problems with slow people. There is gray in life. Modify the control and dominance. You don’t need it, you have natural strength. You are into new beginnings, and it will be exciting. When you are in love, you are passionate and attentive.

TAURUS – The Bull
Element: Earth
I have.
April 20th to May 20th

That famous stubborn streak can get you into trouble. It doesn’t always have to be your way. You can get your way with your charming, sweet personality. Although we have to deal with your anger. In fact, you have to deal with it. You are creative(especially if you pay attention to your artistry.) You can sing, dance, and have fun at a party. Your practical side often minimizes your joy and you have to watch that. Remember, no self-criticizing. It’s so much better when you have joy!

GEMINI – The Twins
Element: Air
I Think.
May 21st to June 20th

I sometimes call you the schizophrenics.
One part charm, fun, adventurous, Theatrical, exciting. One part, silent,serious, business oriented. Private, and analytical. Which one are you? You really do not like details, but if you have to, you will. You have a lot of the need to control. Remember, you don’t need to control everything, it gets tiring and with all that control, you don’t always get what you need. You are fun to be with and when you act in life, it is so believable.

CANCER – The Crab
Element: Water
I feel.
June 21st to July 22nd

You are a sensitive person, and you do take everything personally. It’s not always your fault or responsibility. Family is very important to you. Ladies, you are the best mothers, but you need to learn how to ask for what you need. Gentlemen, you love children and home, but work can demand a lot of your time. You are funny and many times you cover your sensitivity with your sense of humor. You are kind and considerate, especially the ladies. You guys are somewhat demanding. Remember, everything is not perfect.

LEO – The Lion
Element: Fire
I will.
July 23rd to August 22nd

Leos are strong and they are leaders. They just need to watch their need to dominate. You cannot let your ego get in your way. It can hurt your relationships. A little honey goes a long way. There are the outgoing Leos and the silent Leos. Leos protect the ones they love. If you treat them gently, they respond like a pussycat. If you attack, watch out. They get things done and can be very motivational. The are the Actors of the zodiac, and can be very romantic with someone who is sexy and sweet.

VIRGO – The Virgin
Element: Earth
I analyze.
August 23rd to September 22nd

Your mind is spinning on a constant basis. Worry, worry, worry. What does your worry do for you? It creates mountains out of molehills. I suggest “Happy Dramas” rather than Scary Dramas. Your fear gets in the way of your brilliance, and your ability to resolve your problems. You have a great sense of humor and family means so much to you. In my first book I say that you are possessed by perfection. You know nothing is perfect. Why waste your time? Use your innovative mind to move toward your best potential. You do have a lot of potential.

LIBRA – The Balance
Element: Air
I balance.
September 23rd to October 22nd

Your need for perfection and balance can get in your way. You are an artist at heart, even though you have trouble making up your mind as to what makes you happy. Step up. take charge. and put your foot down in your own defense. Your tolerance will be less than usual now, but it is a time for you to get rocking. Remember, please yourself, approve of yourself and say no when you want to. Otherwise, you will make yourself angry because you are going against the grain of what you truly want. Your mission is to restore balance, but there are times when you need to go with the flow. Once you make up your mind, that’s it, but there are times when you need to solve your problems with a little honey.

SCORPIO – The Scorpio
Element: Water
I create.
October 22rd to November 21st

You are very creative and do not discount this part of your personality. Creativity calms you down. You can be magnetically powerful, as long as you don’t become overly stubborn about what you believe. Try to let people know you, especially those who are close to you. Your need for privacy gets in the way of your need for freedom. You are sensual, with deep emotional intensity. Learn to value peace and take some time out of your day to be peaceful.

Element: Fire
I see.
November 22d to December 21st

You are a very spirited person. Spirited and sensitive, even though you tend to hide from your real feelings. Not good for someone who needs the truth. You are creative and need to recognize your creativity. You need to investigate and explore. That makes you happy. Your need for excitement and adventure is because you get bored easily. You are funny and love to laugh. Don’t forget to laugh at yourself.

Element: Earth
I use.
December 22nd to January 19th

The key to your success is that you know quality. You are organized, have good ideas, and do not like games. You are responsible to a fault. The women are care-taking to a fault. The men want to be taken care of. They also find their purpose in working. You need to be a lot warmer in your communication. If you are not you can be misunderstood. You have a difficult time talking about your feelings as emotion scares you. You can keep others safe and secure as that is what you want for yourself. A little less serious would never hurt.

PISCES – The Fish
Element: Water
I believe.
February 19th to March 20th

Sensitive little fish swimming in opposite directions. What do I mean by “opposite directions”?  You have two personalities. You can be sweet, kind, loving, care-taking and then something will bother you and the mean, punishing side comes out. You truly need to balance to have a happy life.  Stand up for yourself, and not dislike yourself for not defending yourself. Do not hold in your feelings, as you will begin to harbor your resentment and build up your answer. There is no one more loving than you when you want to be. Your adult and child tends to get confused. Help yourself by nurturing self-love and then you will make wise decisions.

I hope you have enjoyed my evaluation
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What is Mind-Spinning and How to Overcome it?

You might be thinking, “What is Mind-Spinning” ?  Let me explain. Are your days always filled with all kinds of different subjects running through your mind?  Why did that happen? Did I do a good job? Why did I say that? Did my client believe in my explanation? Did I lose my relationship? All of those thoughts are an illusion, as you do not have all of the correct answers when you mind-spin.

When we spin on an ongoing basis we are creating a drama, and looking for trouble. When we look for trouble, we lose our self-confidence, and mind-spinning is about a lack of belief in ourselves. We lose our clarity because we are fogging our brain with a lot of nonsense thoughts.

We do not mind-spin if we think about a subject, make a plan, and take action. If we can eliminate extreme worries and nervous anxiety we can stop the spinning. The next thing that mind-spinning can do is get in the way of making wise decisions, and having the ability to lead others.

If you listen to the opinions of others and you do not agree with those opinions, think about your own truth, and what you believe. It’s okay to learn from those who can honestly teach you something, as their help will minimize the spinning.

I have done many workshops for college students who continually mind-spin. It is usually because of extreme expectations from their parents, which transfers into trying to please them. It is because they do not feel good enough and place a huge amount of stress on themselves and lose their objectivity and perspective.

I remember a young man saying, “My mother calls me four times a day, asking me what I accomplished”. I respond with, mind spinning is not necessary if we continue to believe in our own courage and have the strength to know what needs to be done. We may not do everything right, but we can always learn from what we may have done wrong. Catch yourself when you mind-spin and thats the first step to solving problems. If you can recognize that is the key in solving your problems, then you can solve your own problems and the more you will grow!