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2014 Astrological Overview for Everyone!


I’d like to give you a taste of what 2014 means for you! This blog is not a complete astrological chart, but I will give you an idea of what the universe has in store for you. I know that you’re curious!

The twelve signs of the zodiac reveal characteristics and traits that further define your personality, but my focus is on 2014 and the changes  that occur in each sign’s life.

ARIES – March 20th into April 20th “I Am” Aim Before You Fire?

April 20  2013 has been very lesson learning and there are times when you feel like you need to run away. 2014 will be about taking those lessons and applying them to new beginnings, more discipline, and also have more fun. You will earn your money by doing what feels right to you and not what others think you should do. The good news you will free yourself from restrictions. Ruts will become a thing of the past. Hooray!

TAURUS – April 20th into May 21st “I Have” Changing your belief system will help you to evolve into the person I really am.

You will deal with change in 2014. I could just hear you saying, “more change!” I have change!” You are in a cycle called Saturn (The Taskmaster). It asks you to let  go of old behavior and grow up in your attitude and behavior.  Look at the big picture and recognize you will be getting help and support in your decisions. Saturn makes you tired and at the end of the day you may be exhausted. Your tolerance may be minimal, but handle situations that bother you as an adult. After this cycle which ends in December you will find you are happier than ever.

GEMINI – May 21-June 20th “I Think” You will be busy and knowing that what matters is the first step in having it.

You will love how busy you will be in 2014 from January until July. You will be the star of the show in any way that you want. A lot of responsibility, which could lead to stress. Networking, freedom and independence is the key. You need to find out and follow your “true calling”.  You may be put in charge of a group, which will make you happy. Do not confuse yourself with all of the things you want to do. You will lose your clarity and your decisions may be wrong.

CANCER – June 22-July 22  “I feel” A very good year. Feeling quite positive and optimistic. Increased interest in your financial situation Don’t spend more than you have. I am totally in charge of my future.

Some stress in career matters and partnership. Do not act too radically. A promotion will be waiting behind the scenes and don’t be too impulsive. Personal responsibility and a lot of practicality will give you what you want.

LEO – July 23-August 22 “I Will” I have the inner strength and courage to balance my life.  Hard work, but rewards and recognition  will follow. Opportunities, blessings will be there, and keep the stress in check. You will have support with associates and people that can advise you. They will help you over the difficult financial spots. Remember to modify your expenses. If you can lighten the intensity you feel inside you can remove any extreme expectations you have. Love yourself as well as others and you can remember that you are born a caretaker.

VIRGO – August 23-September 22  “I Analyze” I call it mind spinning. The people around you are more like you than usual. You might be trying to rescue an individual that wants to draw you in. The first half of the year is expansion, extension and overindulgence. Surprises are waiting for you. You may be with people who hurt you and you need to look at that carefully. Be careful to see your romantic mate clearly.

LIBRA -September 23-October 22 “I Balance”  I value my independence more than ever. Keep your relationships healthy, and step up, in order to take charge. You will want to be strong in career and have the opportunity to call your shots. January through July 16th you will feel strong and confrontative with people you report to. Do not keep the peace at your own expense. Build your personal relationships with sensibility and the need to be appreciated.

SCORPIO – October 23-November 21 “I Desire” You are known to be sexy but a lot of that behavior means I want what I want.  Your changes and health have been a problem, but 2014 will be better.  You have been in Saturn, The Task Master and it has been telling you that you will need to let go of people who do not treat you well. What is that you don’t want in a relationship?  I think it is too much control on your part. You don’t have to control it all. You are kind, compassionate and feel sorry for the weak and that is more important than your need to control. You won’t have any regrets when this cycle is over in December, you will be happier with who you are.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22-December 21 “I See” Broaden Your Horizons. Face your loss is someone is taken suddenly. You will know that you have done what you can. You are going to have a lot of authority, and don’t forget to take time for yourself. Trust your intuition and you will realize how different you have become. What you do now will affect you for the next two and a half years. Be sure it’s done well and seriously. Change the name of your game this year, adapt to it, and you will be more open.

CAPRICORN – December 22-January 19 “I Use” Learn that love is wisdom and love is unselfish.  Reach out to others and it will be successful. Let go of the past, and negative influences. The first seven months of the year will be lucky and you will meet wealthy people who will share their success. A new friend now and then will disappoint you, say goodbye and move on. High intuitive awareness, but do not go anywhere if it is not the path you are meant to follow.

AQUARIUS – January 20-February 18 “I Know” and god forbid you tell them they don’t. You don’t like many changes in your life that you can’t control. That is a bit strange for a freedom-seeking individual. Sudden shifts domestically and professionally. The good news is that whatever comes along you will be able to handle well. Remember, to look before you leap. Just take calculated risks. You will be assertive in whatever you do in 2014. Remember using a little honey gets you what you want.

PISCES -February 19-March 20th – “I Believe” In many ways you are an idealist, but tend to be afraid of your feelings. You are a visionary that brings mysticism and imagination. You can pierce the veil. Avoid getting lost within the illusion of an alternate reality. You are rising above old problems You will make some decisions in April and October. Focus on the big picture. You can stretch and grow. Keep your eye on slow, steady growth.

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