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The Importance of Your Astrological Chart

Hi Everyone,

I am now in the process of composing 2014 Astrological Charts for clients. Why is it important for you to get one done?  After 25 years as an astrologer I found that by knowing your birthday, time of birth, and place of birth has been extremely valid in understanding who you are.

Your exact birthday, time and place of your birth, directs me to finding out all of the information, as to your particular sign.  If you are living against the grain of who you are, you may choose the wrong job, the wrong mate, the wrong business associates and much more.

Your chart talks to you about your particular compatibility. It saves you the grief of choosing the wrong job, the wrong mate, and the wrong business associates. Are you an Aries (fire sign)? If you are, your heart prevails in your decisions. You are the first sign in the zodiac. You truly don’t like being second in anything. You want to be a leader, and you want to be first in your love’s heart as well. Are you a Capricorn (earth sign)? If you are then, you are very determined, hard working, like to be in charge, and your home is your sanctuary.

A chart also helps you to be aware of the year, which is soon to be 2014. How is this year going to affect you? The chart has special information to help you make the right decisions, know the right timing, when to move, when to change your job, when to get married, or find the right person. It will even help you gain clarity and awareness of where you are in your life right now.

By having your chart done, you will gain a better understanding of how you are being supported and guided, in reference to the universe, planets, etc. An astrological chart is a tool I use when I coach my clients.

My book, The Stars in You Family raising your kids to be who they are not who you expect them to be,  has been huge success in helping parents understand their children. The book will soon be available for download via Kindle Amazon.  I am now in the process of writing my second book, Astrology and Love.

If you are interested in having your 2014 chart done, or a compatibility chart with someone close to your heart please write to me at: or call 312-944-7256. I would love to help you find the clarity you are looking for.