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Health Suffers by Extreme Intensity, Nerves, Anxiety and Worry

I can’t help but notice a client who functions with a large degree of chaos. Their eyes dart from place to place, they bite or pick their lips, they play with their clothes, or  continually touch their hair. All of this can happen in a few minutes, as they sit in the chair in front of my desk. I find that chaotic people usually enter the door as though they’re in a fog. One day a new client entered my office and her anxiety was very apparent. I said, “Please go out into the hall, breathe, and calmly come back into the office”. She wasn’t happy and tried to do what I asked, but the calm was minimal.

I always recognize clients who are full of intensity, nerves, anxiety and worry. I try to tell them that this behavior will eventually hurt their bodies. I’m not talking about getting a cold, or the flu, I’m talking about getting a surprise heart attack or a stroke. This happens to many of my male clients, but the women have their share.

Those individuals, who can’t trust or love themselves will suffer the most. They can’t seem to stop their drama and they can’t seem to go the distance, when it comes to changing their  behavior. It isn’t easier to live with unhappiness and fear, when it comes to personal confrontation, taking risks, or standing up for ourselves.. It isn’t easier to remain in a job that you dislike and in a marriage that is very lonely. It isn’t easier to continue to please every, seek their approval and always say yes.

When I  coach my very chaotic clients, I tell them that their fearful natures will eventually diminish their spirit and courage. I also say, “A lack of courage gets in the way of believing in yourself. It gets in the way of  building healthy relationships. And most of all, it gets in the way of living your truth.

My philosophy of living a truthful life has influenced my clients to build their mental and physical health. Our bodies do not respond well to constant worry and intensity. We can slowly fall apart if we do not live with a truthful and positive attitude. Self-criticism can diminish self-confidence and self-esteem. An unhealthy relationship creates an unhealthy life. When we endure pain and abuse we become too serious and unhappy. When we hold on to things that torture us this kind of frustration brings on anger and punishment.

I decided that “truth needs to be our answer” because through truth comes love.

The truthful life is the only life worth living. Someone just quoted my true feelings. “Nothing is perfect, but truth is as close as we get.”



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