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By their handwriting…you shall know them!

Since I’ve been a certified handwriting analyst for over 20 years, I thought you might find some of these facts interesting. I use handwriting as a tool for coaching, team building, testifying in court, hiring, entertainment (trade shows, events and parties) and romantic compatibility.  By their handwritings…you shall know them!

What is Graphology? It was coined from the Greek Graph, which means writing and suffixology, which is applied to the names of scientific study. It is the professional term for handwriting analysis. I call it the blueprint of our brain.  The art or science of deducing character, disposition, aptitudes, truthfulness, courage, leadership and much more.

How did writing first begin. Legend tells us that it was begun by the ancient Egyptian God Thorn, who is pictured with the face of the sacred bird called “The Ibis.”  The story goes that he used a flat reed pen, crushed to the softness of a brush in his hands. He held his bill in the muddy banks of the nile and writing was born.

As early as the 11th century, a chinese philosopher and painter name Jo-Hau had declared that handwriting infallibly shows us whether it comes from a vulgar or noble-minded person.

In 1622 Camillo Baldi, doctor and professor at the University of Bologna, and a famous scholar of his day, asserted that it was obvious that all persons wrote in their own peculiar way and that in private letters everyone used characteristic forms, which could not be truly imitated by anyone else. The artist Gainsborough invariable kept before him, while he was working on a portrait, the handwriting of his subject.  Aesop, Aristotle, Julius Caesar and Cicero were among the outstand personalities of ancient days who advocated the study of handwriting, in order to know the character of a person.

Sir Walter Scott, Disraeli and Robert Browning were students of Graphology. In Germany, graphology has been studied in connection with the subject of psychology. I coach students and I use it for vocational guidance. What career would be good for their natural talent and ability. I help to guide my clients with their compatibility and relationships.

The only thing that handwriting does not reveal is the sex, whether male or female. It is very easy to recognize the handwriting of the bookkeeper, the engineer and the artist. An individual’s handwriting, combined with my instincts provides me with a great deal of accuracy. The tool has been valuable and enlightening in reference to human nature.

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The truth about finding courage in difficult times!

We all live with fear, even when our lives are stable, but the percentage we choose to live with, at this point in time, is up to us.  Believe it or not, it’s our choice! If we take the time to nurture our ability to trust and have faith, we can openly fight our fear. Our happiness and freedom depends on replacing fear with courage.

I teach a workshop for students at colleges across the country. It is called “Who’s In Charge Of Your Life?” When I ask this question, I encourage them to answer, “I am”. In fact, I give them a bracelet engraved with the words “I Am”.  They love wearing it, as the bracelet provides a constant reminder of their strength.

If we are to build our courage and freedom we cannot be overly self-critical.  We can never feel good enough if we constantly criticize ourselves, create mountains out of molehills, and worry, worry, worry. Most people fear change, even though it may benefit them. They stay in the wrong  jobs, endure the wrong relationships and destroy their ability to act upon their dreams. Of course we are living in a scary time, because we cannot control what other people do. Therefore, we need to motivate ourselves with a burning passion to brave any danger or endure any trial.

Worry is a form of fear — a thin stream of poison trickling through the mind. It will cause uncertainty and doubt. When worry becomes habitual, it forms a channel into which all our thoughts are drained, producing discouragement and depression.

Intuition is a powerful ally. It can serve as a loyal advisor and guide us toward making wise decisions. If we believe in our intuition, we can take a huge step toward fighting our fear. We all have basic instincts if we do not destroy them with too much anxiety, intensity, detail, structure, perfection — Blah,Blah,Blah. Insight gives us the power to deal with fear of the unknown. It helps us to try something new without waiting for the next shoe to drop. Risk, dare life and make your dreams come true!  Start your day with good humor! Smile at yourself in the mirror! Be upbeat and love who you are! Do this on a daily basis and fear will be afraid of you!