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Welcome to my first blog…Why telling the truth has become my mission in life!

As a coach, motivational speaker, writer, and fun-loving spirit I can never lie. I impart that to my clients and thank goodness I’ve been successful. As you see from my website my motto is “What You Think You Become. What You Believe You are!” That motto is all about finding your own truth. I thought writing this blog might help you understand why I chose truth in my teachings. It is all I know!

I am an only child, who was born in the Chicago Housing Projects. The projects were just built, so everything was brand new. The rent was very low and most of the people who lived there were poor. I never thought I was poor, because I had a marvelous father. He was unbelievably honest and loved life. My mother was just the opposite. She had so much fear, and telling the truth scared her. Somehow I decided at a very young age that I couldn’t be like my mother. I couldn’t lie, and since my father couldn’t lie, we were a powerful team. The project was surrounded by what people called “The Ghetto”! That didn’t stop my father from taking me for a lot of walks. We would see people sleeping on the street. They were drunk or on drugs and my father would say, “Sweetheart, we are so much luckier than these poor souls. We live in paradise.”

I believed my father. He would compliment me and tell me that I always need to tell the truth. I guess I was naturally courageous, and I felt that it was my job to help all my friends. We played truthful games, and our characters were always strong and honest. Guess who the leader was? My mission for believing that we need to live our truth began when I was around five years old. I spent the first twelve years in the project and witnessed so much diversity. My truth seemed to inspire my friends and their parents. Many of their parents were alcoholics, gangsters, and drug addicts. They would laugh at me because I would say, “I won’t lie, you can’t make me!” They seemed to like my spirit. There were times that I saved my friends from their horrible parents, and I began to believe that my truth was the answer to my strength.

As I grew up “truth and love was my answer”! I thought it was important to teach other people that telling the truth and believing in love would help them live healthier lives. My world has always been based on the truth and I never changed. My kids would say, “We better tell the truth, or we’ll get that look!”