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The Stars in Your Family is an insightful, eye-opening and life-changing guide to better understanding family dynamics. Drawing upon her decades of experience as a highly sought-after astrologer, Sylvia shares her insights about relationships between every member of your family based on individual signs.

Why did my child do that?
How could my mom act that way?
Why can't we relate better?
Can I ever motivate my son?
Is my daughter a dreamer or a doer?

Sylvia answers these questions and many more.

The Stars in Your Family was written for anyone who has ever been a parent or a child. It gives readers greater insight into the special traits and characteristics that make up the personalities around them. It is an extraordinary reference guide that promises readers a newfound sense of compatibility, communication, and of course, acceptance.

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The Stars in Your Family

"We really enjoyed your presentation on "Intuitive Intelligence"
at our 2000 Management Conference. Your interpretive skills are outstanding."
- M.E. Francis, District Manager, AT&T
"I am in charge, not of what life puts before me, but in how I live with it and react to it!"
- Comment from the Leadership Connections Workshop
"I have found Sylvia's personal opinions and comments to be quite illuminating."
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She provided insight to colleague's working styles, and useful suggestions on how to adapt."
- L.I. Miller, Senior Vice-President, MS&L Public Relations
"Thanks for a great class presentation. I know that the students gained a tremendous
amount of insight from your experience with intuitive intelligence."
- Dawn Harris, Vice President of the School of Business Administration, Loyola University
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- Maggie, from the Live Your Truth Keynote & Workshop
"She has always received excellent reviews from our guests, always been a pleasure to deal with ..."
- Joseph D. Gutman, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs